Santa Monica Bed Bug Treatment

Santa Monica Bed Bug Treatment

Heat Pest Services is the most experienced Santa Monica bed bug treatment company. If you’re looking for fast and effective bed bug extermination then choose our heat treatment. Our bed bug heat treatment is the quickest and most effective way to exterminate bed bugs.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Santa Monica – Most Effective

The most effective way to kill bed bugs is with heat. Our heat treatment kills all bed bugs and eggs in 8 hours or less in most cases. This is the only way to quickly exterminate bed bugs. There will be no damage to your home or belongings when you follow our preparation instructions.

How the Heat Treatment Works

We heat the entire space to 150 degrees with specialized equipment. The heat reaches all bed bug hiding places in beds, couches, wooden furniture, hanging clothes, and more. Bed bug eggs become sterilzed and the adults are killed, stopping the infestation in its tracks. We also apply products to cracks and crevices that will protect you in case a bug somehow escapes the heat or gets re-introduced after treatment. You get a one year warranty with treatment.

Traditional Bed Bug Extermination with Pesticide – Least Expensive

If you’re looking for the least expensive bed bug treatment that is guaranteed to work then choose our traditional pesticide treatment. You will still see bed bugs and get bed bug bites for up to 30 days unless you choose our heat treatment. If you can put up with the bugs for a few more weeks you will save a lot of money.

Our Pesticide Treatment is Different

We carefully apply the correct products to the cracks and seams of the mattress, box spring, bed frame, night stands, dressers, wooden furniture, couches, chairs, baseboards, behind outlets and wall plates, and any other areas where bed bugs are found. It will take 30 days or longer for the bugs to die because the pesticide does not reach all bed bug hiding places, nor does it kill the eggs. You still get a one year bed bug warranty if we treat the whole home.

Free Bed Bug Inspections in Santa Monica – With Pic and Permission

Heat Pest Services will provide a free bed bug inspection for the purpose of an in-home consultation to give you the most accurate and lowest price possible. We will not check to see if you have bed bugs for free. We come out for free to give you a quote for our service if you know you have bed bugs.

Send Us A Photo

Send us a picture of the bug you found to get a free bed bug inspection and quote. Please make sure the photo is in focus sot that we can identify the bug. If you are a renter, we will need written permission from the owner or property management. We will send you a landlord authorization form to complete and return to us. If you want us to check to see if you have bed bugs and you can not provide a photo there will be a $99 inspection fee. If you are renting and connot provide us a landlord authorization form then there will be a $99 fee.