Bed Bug Heat Treatment Los Angeles and Surrounding Counties

If you have bed bugs you need a bed bug heat treatment. Don’t mess around when it comes to bed bugs, they are a lot harder to exterminate than anyone thinks. I recommend that you contact us and we will send out Captain Heat to Save you from those evil, bloodthirsty,  bed bug villains. Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment is the only way to kill virtually all bed bugs and eggs in a single treatment. The pesticide we apply after heat treatment will kill any deeply embedded bed bugs that may have escaped the heat. Contact us for your  consultation.

You may be thinking: “Los Angeles and Surrounding Counties? Wow, it must take you forever to get around!”

Don’t worry, Captain Heat can fly. We will be there right away to take a look, make a plan based on your situation, and get rid of those suckers for good! Our Heat Treatments are Hotter, Faster, And Better than the other guys, find out why below.

Bed bugs are resistant to most pesticide applications. Luckily, they are not resistant to HEAT. We use special equipment to heat the entire area to between 140 and 150 degrees. We can heat one room, one floor, or the entire home. The entire space gets hot, including the seams and cracks. The heat penetrates through furniture and walls to kill the bed bugs where they are hiding. The heat treatment kills 99% of all bed bugs within hours. We offer a warranty on all our heat treatments, generally up to 12 months for single family homes, condos, and townhouses. We also provide commercial bed bug heat treatments and maintenance plans as well, but cannot offer as long of a warranty for high-turnover environments like hotels and rental situations.

Clear Preparation Instructions and No Damage

Great care is taken to ensure that your belongings and home are not damaged by the heat. Certain items such as candles, vinyl records, family heirlooms, etc., must be removed from the areas prior to heating. The amount of preparation depends on the severity of the infestation, number of rooms being treated, and the quantity of heat-sensitive items in each room. We provide you written instructions to prepare for treatment. To achieve the best results, we provide you with written preparation and after-care instructions.

Our Treatment is Unlike Other Heat Treatments

We use proprietary equipment that allows us to complete the work quickly. The entire treatment is complete between 4 and 8 hours. Ours is the quickest bed bug treatment method. It is also the most effective bed bug treatment available in Los Angeles. The weather has little to no effect on the performance of our treatment. Some other companies have less efficient equipment that can take 24 hours or longer to do the same job that our system does in 8 hours.

Best Results

Our Family owned business has successfully treated over 60 thousand homes and facilities.  We have exemplary customer service to help you with your questions and concerns.  If you find live bed bugs again during your warranty period we will provide treatment for FREE. Even if you brought the bed bugs back in after being bed bug free, you are still covered under our unconditional warranty.

Our bed bug heat treatment solves the problem, but how does the problem start?

It all starts when a pregnant female bed bug decides that she needs to get away from all the males. They keep trying to mate with her but she already has enough um,  “material” for a lifetime of egg laying. So she goes. She must find a way to get far away from them. She only wants a safe and comfortable place to raise her children. She sees her chance, “Oh this is a lovely purse”, she says. “I’m just going to have a look inside.” She tucks herself in the seam on the inside of a pencil pocket. She will stow away there until they arrive. She is excited to make new friends at her new home, your home.

Wasn’t that a lovely story. Well that is just one of many ways you can get bed bugs. Take a look at the infographic for more ideas. It is very important to think about where they came from so you can prevent bed bugs in the future after we kill them.

How Do The Bed Bugs Spread?

If it only takes one bed bug to infest a whole home then how do they spread from room to room like that? The answer is explained in this infographic. The first bug that is introduced is a pregnant female. She begins laying eggs. Which hatch out in 10 days. Each time the bug feeds on blood they grow in size and shed (or molt) their skin. Once fully grown the males will mate with the female a single time. The pregnant female will try to escape the males so she will find another place to nest such as the other side of the bed or in another room. Hitch hiking a ride on your pajamas.

How Do The Bed Bugs Spread?

You may be thinking like Harold who says: “Why shouldn’t I go down to the store and pick me up a can of bug spray to kill these little critters? They only about ten dolla. They just little teeny tiny bugs. I Ain’t spendin no hunnids or thousans of dollas on no bed bug treatment. I don’t got that kind a money” Please, please do not spray bug spray. Even if it says bed bugs on the label. Don’t Do it. It is not going to work. You are going to make the problem worse. It will look like they are gone for two weeks. Then you will find them on the couch. So you decide to spray again. Same thing happens, and now your seeing them in both bedrooms. Pretty soon you will have bed bugs in the hallways, bathrooms, and closets. Trust me. Save yourself and your family much wasted effort and frustration. Choose a pest hero like us to take care of it. These bugs are evil super villains.

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Watch the video below to see our bed bug heat treatment in action.