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It is so nice when a company advertises under their correct name and doesn’t misrepresent themselves online. Los Angeles is notorious for this type of advertising practice we have noticed. It doesn’t make sense that Google does not seem to care about this even though it is a clear violation of their policies. Instead of playing along with those other companies, Heat Pest Services Inc. is playing by the rules. In the end, cheaters never win.

This website has our Logo and True Name. When you call us we answer the phone “Heat Pest Services..” When you receive your receipt, it includes our Legal Name, Heat Pest Services Inc. With the state regulatory agencies, the California Structural Pest Control Board, and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, we are licensed as Heat Pest Services Inc.

Would it bother you if you had bed bugs in Los Angeles and the most prominent companies online were “Los Angeles Bed Bug Specialists” and “Queen of All Bed Bugs Los Angeles”. You call the company and they answer the phone “Hello” Or “Bed Bug Exterminator”. When the company comes to your home to do treatment their uniform, truck, and paperwork all say “Eastern Exterminators” or “GUM Exterminating”. How would you feel? To us it just seems wrong. And we’re not into tricking customers into thinking we are something that we are not.

You can trust Heat Pest Services Inc. not only to exterminate your bed bugs, and to provide excellent customer service and careful work. You can also trust that we are who we say we are, and that if there were ever a problem with our services there would be no confusion about what company you dealt with.

Our customers love us! See what they have to say below. Thanks for considering us to be your pest control heroes. We are blessed to serve you!