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Bed Bug Treatment Los Angeles County

Bed Bug Treatment SeattleIf you are in Los Angeles County and you need to get rid of bed bugs fast then give us a call for fast and friendly service. Our bed bug heat treatment is the only way to kill 99.9% of all bed bugs and eggs in 8 hours or less in most cases. Exterminators who provide all types of pest control services do not have the experience with bed bug treatment that we do. Heat Pest Services is the only bed bug heat treatment company in Los Angeles that specializes in bed bug treatment only. Heat Pest Services is a second generation pest control company have been doing bed bugs only since the bed bug epidemic of 2012. Our pest control roots began in Arizona in 1998 with our family’s company The Beekeeper Total Bee Control Inc. Since 2012 Heat Pest Services has performed over 40,000 successful bed bug treatments in the markets we serve. We are committed to providing the best bed bug exterminating service in the nation with the best no hassle bed bug warranty. Call us today, sleep tight tonight.

Treatment Options:

Option 1: Heat Treatment

Want the bed bugs gone Fast? Our most popular option is the Heat Treatment. Using specialized equipment, we heat the entire infested space to lethal temperatures. The heat kills all bed bugs and prevents their eggs from hatching. The heat penetrates all bed bug hiding places in the furniture, floors, and walls. 1 year warranty included with heat treatment. 

One Year Bed Bug Warranty

Option 2: GREEN Pesticide

We use LEED tier III pesticide that has proven to be 100% effective for bed bug treatment. This is the least hazardous pesticide in the market today. It does not work as fast as the heat treatment, however it will kill all the bed bugs within two weeks or so. This can be combined with heat treatment to provide long lasting residual, just in case. 1 year warranty included when we treat the entire home.

Eco friendly bed bug treatment

Option 3: Traditional Pesticide

Contrary to popular belief, traditional pesticide can be an effective tool for bed bug eradication. The key is What pesticide is used and Where and How it is applied. We have successfully treated thousands of homes for bed bugs with pesticide. If applied according to label instructions, the products we use are 100% family friendly. Pesticide does not kill bed bug eggs therefore it may take 30 days for activity to cease. 1 Year warranty included with treatment of entire home. 

Bed Bug Pesticide

Free Bed Bug Inspection

Are you getting bitten at night? Do you think you have bed bugs? Contact us today for your free bed bug inspection provided by our experienced technician. After taking a look at the situation we will be able to provide accurate recommendation for treatment.