Low Cost Bed Bug Treatment in LA – 100% Guaranteed

Are you looking for the most affordable bed bug treatment in Los Angeles? We offer pesticide bed bug treatments when a heat treatment is out of budget. You may have heard that pesticide does not work for bed bugs. This is true when it comes to over the counter pesticides but bed bugs are all we do. We use a combination of the highest quality products and apply them with extreme care. We guarantee that the pesticide treatment will work, and even offer a one year warranty if we treat the whole home.

Don’t Use Over The Counter Pesticides

Almost every one of our customers have a jug or can of bed bug killer they bought at a big box store. Many of our customers have spent hundreds of dollars on pesticides they purchased online, and have spent weeks or months trying to kill them with no success. We hear the same story all the time. I sprayed this bed bug killer and it seemed like it was working, then 10 days later I found them in another room. And then the story repeats over and over as they chase them from room to room.

Most pesticides act as a repellant for bed bugs. The bed bugs run away from it. That’s why they end up in the other rooms. Take a look at the infographic for more info. Click the image to enlarge.

Los Angeles Bed Bug Treatment Do It Yourself Bed Bug Treatments

Our Bed Bug Pesticide Treatment is Different

Most customers choose the heat treatment to exterminate all bed bugs quickly. For some, however the heat treatment is not always affordable. This is why we offer the pesticide treatment. We do not want anyone to have to live with bed bugs just because they can’t afford heat. Pesticide treatment is usually half the cost of a heat treatment.

How It Works

Our team carefully applies products to the cracks and seams of mattresses, box springs, bed frames, night stands, dressers, wooden furniture, shelves, couches, chairs, baseboards, behind outlet covers and wall plates, on backs of hanging photographs and wall hangings, and any other place where bed bug activity is found. We do not apply pesticide on the tops of beds, couches, or chairs where prolonged skin contact could occur. We follow the label instructions for every product we use and are bound by it. It is a violation of the law to apply pesticide in a manner inconsistant with its labeling. 

It will take 30 days or longer for bed bugs to emerge from their hiding places (and from their eggs) and come into contace with the pesticides we applied. During this time they will bite. You may even see an increase in bed bug activity and bites right after treatment.

The Down Side Of Pesticide Bed Bug Extermination

There is no way to apply pesticide products in all areas that bed bugs are hiding. Bed bugs hide in clothing and other personal items that cannot be treated with pesticide. Bed bugs hiding in clothing and linens will be exterminated when the items are washed and dried on high heat.

All bed bug eggs are not killed with pesticide. Even if the pesticide label says it kills bed bugs, there is no way to apply a product in all areas where bed bugs hide their eggs. It takes time for the bed bug eggs to hatch. When the baby bed bugs hatch they will seek a blood meal right away.

With Pesticide Treatments, You Are the Bait.

Pesticide bed bug treatments don’t work very well in vacant homes because bed bugs are attracted to the CO2 you exhale. We need the bed bugs to emerge from their hiding places and come in contact with the pesticide. The bed bugs will stay in hiding unless you attracting them to the treatment area.