Los Angeles Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bug treatment is all we do!

Heat Pest Services is a licensed pest control company that specializes in bed bug treatment using heat, pesticide, or a combination of both.

Heat Treatment is the quickest way to exterminate bed bugs. All bed bugs and bed bug eggs exposed to this extreme heat will perish instantly. HPS heats the entire space to 150°F, not just the seams of beds or couches like some other companies. Pesticide is carefully applied after heat treatment for the best results.

HPS has more than 10 years of experience eliminating bed bugs in single family homes, multi family housing, commercial structures, and healthcare facilities.

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Bed Bug Treatment Option 1:

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Our heat treatment process is the most efficient and reliable way to exterminate bed bugs. Our heating method kills virtually all bed bugs and eggs in one day! Most exterminators rely on pesticides alone, which can take up to one month to work or may fail to kill all bed bugs. If any deeply hidden bed bugs or eggs escape our bed bug heat treatment, they will be quickly killed by the specially formulated and expertly applied pesticides we use. Our heat treatment will not damage your home or possessions (some preparation is required). Up to a one year warranty is included with heat treatment.

Bed Bug Treatment Option 2:

Bed Bug Treatment Using Pesticide

Pesticide treatment for bed bugs costs much less than a heat treatment; however, it may take about 30 days for all the bed bugs to die and the bites to stop. Our bed bug treatment team will carefully apply our specially formulated pesticides to all the cracks and crevices where bed bugs love to hide. Our specially-formulated pesticides kill bed bugs and their eggs on direct contact, but bed bugs and their eggs that are in locations that cannot be reached by pesticide spray will not be killed immediately. After about 30 days, the inaccessible bed bug eggs hatch and the baby bed bugs come out of hiding, rub against sprayed locations, and die.  Pesticide bed bug treatment is not recommended for bad infestations. Up to a six month bed bug warranty is included with whole home pesticide treatment.

Bed Bug Treatment Warranty

One Year Los Angeles Bed Bug Treatment Warranty

Our Warranty Sets Us Apart

We offer up to a one year bed bug warranty depending on your needs and budget. If you ever suspect bed bug activity during your warranty period, we will be there right away to inspect and provide bed bug treatment for free.

Get A Bed Bug Inspection Today


Do you think you have bed bugs? Are you waking up with itchy bites? Have you seen a bug on your bed or couch? Contact us to set up your bed bug inspection today!

During your inspection, our bed bug expert will inspect the beds, couches, and other likely locations for evidence of bed bugs. If evidence of bed bugs is found, we will provide you a written report of our findings, scope of work to eliminate the bed bugs, costs, and warranty options.

Free bed bug inspection for homeowners who think (or know) that they have bed bugs.

The purpose of this inspection is to:

  1. Make sure it is bed bugs
  2. Determine how severe the problem is
  3. Determine how long treatment will take
  4. Present the best types of treatment and price for your situation
  5. Explain How you must prepare for treatment

$99 bed bug inspection

For renters, apartment tenants, and for customers who are not sure it is be bugs we charge $99 to inspect, find and identify the pest, provide a written report of our findings, provide one or more treatment options, provide an accurate quote, instruct occupants how to prepare for treatment.

Bed Bug Bites

As some of you reading this are all-too painfully aware, bed bugs bite humans. You will likely notice the bites before actually discovering a bed bug. Just like mosquitoes, bed bugs feed on human blood. Bed bug bites are usually the first sign of a bed bug infestation. Once a bed bug is introduced into your home or business it will seek shelter near where their host(s) rest. Every time their host rests, the bed bug will move closer to find a nearby hiding place where it can begin laying eggs. Each bug likes to feed every 3 to 5 days. Bites typically appear on less hairy parts of the body such as feet, ankles, wrists, neck, sides of torso, and the sides of legs.  Check out this info graphic to learn more about bed bug bites.

Discreet Bed Bug Extermination

Bed Bug Treatment Video

Heat Pest Services is the most discreet Los Angeles Bed Bug Treatment Provider. Our company name does not include “BED BUGS” for a reason. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, there are no pictures of bed bugs or words stating “bed bugs” on our shirts, vehicles, or equipment.  In addition, we won’t ever offer you bed bug treatment if we don’t find clear evidence of bed bugs. Our employees are background checked, drug tested, trained, licensed, and experienced. You can trust the experts at Heat Pest Services Inc bed bug treatment to get the job done right and get rid of your bed bug issues.

  • Discreet and Confidential

    Our trucks and uniforms DO NOT SAY BED BUGS, so your information stays private.

  • Licensed Technicians

    Our technicians are licensed by the California Structural Pest Control Board.

  • Do not clean your home, remove or throw away mattress, bed, furniture, etc.

    It is best to not clean or throw anything away prior to inspection. Cleaning and throwing things away erases evidence that helps our technicians see the evidence clearly to evaluate, and formulate the best plan of attack for your situation. Don’t worry, if you already did this, we can still help you!